The 3 hearts of Three Hearts Photography are, Miss Trinity , Miss Jasmine and Miss Willow Womack.   They are my love, my heart, & my soul, and together they are my world!.   I am Destiny Womack, and Im blessed to be their mother, as well as an artist, crafter, and photographer!  I started trying to learn as much about photography when my daughters were born!  I wanted desperately to capture every single moment & have managed to capture countless memories with them!  They are my muses and why I do everythng!

I love the candid shots, and in the moment portraits and love to come up with amazing themed photo shoots for our little troop of girls, and now I am excited to start sharing some of our amazing photo ops with everyone so that all families can make some precious memories!

Having all these little ones, we know that sometimes photography can stretch the budget way to far, and we hope to be able to help.  We feel that every family deserves to have their precious moments captured artfully,  beautifully, and affordably and aim to always have qaulity photos services and print bundles at a price every family can fit in the budget. As a big family ourselves with a whole lot of moments to cherish, We have developed an eye for catching each one, and We truly hope to help capture some of yours for you.